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I have always love psychology but at the time i didn’t know it was psychology just an interest in how people work.

I have a little disability which is now a personal strength called dyslexia. Unnoticed and untreated can be troublesome for people, which can affect further aspect with job, school and relationships, undiagnosed dyslexia will reduce the overall life quality to a low score.

I want to become a psychologist so I can help people like me back into society, with confidence and a personal belief that they can achieve the highest of mountains, if, and only if they want it as they can do it. I have seen it for myself with myself for yourself and for yourselves and your friends and family.


Research Proposal

This proposal is an assignment that I did this year 2019. This is a scientific psychology proposal, my first one.

Thematic Analysis

This paper that I completed this year 2019 that shows my current level of research skills. I can always get better.


Usability Research

This research was for a website that needed a usability study to assess how the website works with people. I was happy to oblige.

My Current Works

I am only learning how to become the best student I can be, I make mistakes along my journey that help me to become better in my work as a full-time student of education.

‘The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet’.

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