Building the future

I believe I have made myself perfectly clear, I made a massive error while creating my poster on the artboard. The size I set limited me to what you see below.

My next one will be better, promise.

My Work

As someone said when they melted a nuclear power plant. This is my first day. i need more practice.


Some works that I completed while in IADT

UX Research

I found this the most exciting part of my course.

Mobile Phone Apps

I loved making a mobile phone app, from the design to having a working prototype. I found this process most pleasurable.

Web Development

I started making websites back in 1994 in IBM on a hosting site called ‘Geocities’.


I found making posters very hard as so much has to go onto so little of space while showing the message.


I made a mistake but my next one will bring the learnings along to create a better one.

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