I decided to build my own computer after my laptop died due to high usage from college assignments. The cost of building my own PC compared to buying a high-end PC was so much in the difference of price that it was worth building a machine that can match the computers in college.

The first picture you see on the left is my old setup with a laptop and an HD monitor to help with work. I decided that due to this being my second laptop and it was beginning to fail as the work load is very heavy with many programs being used at the same time. 

I decided to build my own computer instead of a new laptop as the computers in college are very powerful, and so I had to try to match theirs in power while having less money. I borrowed and bought the best I could so that the PC will last many years. 

I built the computer during Christmas of 2016 and brought the rig to life in January 2017. 

Please follow along from left to right and watch the build from start to finish, and when you see two red lights this is the period of the second rebuild of this computer as parts failed and needed to be replaced and others upgraded.


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I am still learning the little details on how to overclock my rig, if you know how to drop me a line to say hi.

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