ABC - What is Airsoft?

It’s like Paintball but the weapons use a 6mm BB that fire over 50 meters in distance and it hurts when shot.

Fitness is key to winning a battle in real life in both mind and body, Airsoft is like playing Football except that everyone has machine guns ready to shoot you.


Airsoft is a WARGAME

Armies around the world are buying and supplying their troops with these ‘toys’ so the soldiers can have very close firefights that have real time impact.

In 30 meters radius the speed of the BB will hit you at the same speed of a real time bullet. They fly very fast.


Physical & Mental

Fitness is the key to winning in life, you may not win every race but your wealth is your health, and you can not buy or trade that health for anything.

The squad will train like Spartans in a pursuit of wanting to become a Warrior. Not for the fight but for the inner learnings about who we are.


Become a Modern Day Warrior

Go to my Bloggy and sign up on the forums if you want to be fighting fit and tough that no one will bother you, any more.

I have fought with and against the S.A.S and English Army and I won. I have fought Irish, Polish, German soldiers and I won. Everyone plays Airsoft as it is as real as it gets.

Become who you are
a Hero

Please contact me if you are interested in joining an Airsoft Team that will train together, fight together and win together.


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