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I’m a


I returned to full-time education in 2013 after a course with Career Paths that helped me to return to a job or on to further education. I chose the latter.

I qualified for a position in Plunket College in 2014 with a course called ‘Introduction to Psychology’ and graduated with distinction.

I made it into 3rd Level Education! I am now currently in 2019 studying at IADT College, Dublin, Ireland.

I want to become a Doctor!

And Save Lives.


I love psychology, understanding how I work enables me to work better. Know oneself as they say.

UX Research

Research something then design it with the user in mind.

Web Development

I made my first webpage in 1990’s. I worked in IBM also in the 90’s and I remember when the web went down.


I love climbing mountains for fresh air and to see the view

Computer Building

I have built a few computers in my life


Airsoft is not a game, it is a combat simulator 

Mobile Phone Apps

I loved making a mobile phone app, from the design to having a working prototype. I found this process most pleasurable.


I found making posters very hard as so much has to go onto so little of space while showing the message.


I made a mistake but my next one will bring the learnings along to create a better one.

Oliver Sacks


My Assignment Video.


Phantoms is a chapter in the famous book called ‘The Man who mistook his wife for a hat’ by the late neurologist Oliver Sacks. He described phantoms as ‘a persistent image or memory of part of the body’ (Sacks, 1985, pp. 37).

Phantom limbs are a fascinating occurrence, where the presence of an amputated limb or body part is felt. 90-98% of people who have had a limb removed experience a phantom, in many cases it fades from consciousness a few days or weeks after amputation, but it can persist for years. (Ramachandran & Hirstein, 1998).

This video was made for a 2nd Year assignment, it’s about me!

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