I designed the computer in the picture above to build the website in which you are reading. I loved the designing and then to build your idea into a dream which then become reality.

1 – Draw.

2 – Design.

3 – Dream.

4 – Redesign.

5 – Revise.

6 – Refine.

7 – Self-Direct.

8 – Create. 

These are the steps I used to create this website. This link will bring you to the document I created to design and create this website. 180 pages so far.

When the Big Bang happened, something was created, this is how design happens as with this assignment this website was not here before and never existed and just like that with a thought, it was created.

The video below is my computer at work running a macOS simulator to run a Mac program called Sketch in order to complete an assignment.

Dream big, dream hard and dreams really do come true.

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I am student and loving every minute of it even if I do not look like I am!

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